The Australian Organising Committee of the 7th International Conference on Energy and Environment in Residential Buildings invites your organisation to become a sponsor of this important international event.

ICEERB 2016 Sponsorship Prospectus
ICEERB 2016 Sponsorship Form

Please submit all enquiries and completed sponsorship forms to healthyhousing2016@qut.edu.au


Thank you to our sponsors:



Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) is a specialist land use planning and property development unit within the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning. EDQ engages with state and local government, the development industry and the public to identify, plan, facilitate and deliver property development and infrastructure projects to create prosperous, liveable and connected communities.

EDQ drives a range of development projects including large complex urban sites which facilitate renewal, regional residential projects which respond to community need, industrial activities which generate on-going employment opportunities and infrastructure projects which activate further development



PRDnationwide is an acknowledged industry real estate leader. We’ve been in the business of selling and managing properties since 1976 and have a network of franchise offices spanning nationally and internationally. After 40 years, the foundation PRD principles still hold true today – backed by research, data and market expertise. PRDnationwide has a strong understanding of local markets, extensive knowledge of what buyers and vendors need with our Sell Smarter approach.



At the Institute for Future Environments (IFE), our mission is to find ways to make the world more sustainable, secure and resilient.

Hundreds of QUT researchers and students from across science, engineering, law, business, education and the creative industries collaborate on large-scale research and development projects

Capture The Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI) is a multidisciplinary health and biomedical research institute devoted to improving the health of individuals and communities through research innovation



Our research focuses on driving environmentally-conscious industry development and productivity gains in the fields of building, construction and transport.

We deliver a quality learning experience to students by integrating our research into undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programs.


Our research focuses on innovations in health, the environment, and sustainable resources, in areas ranging from the development of new medical treatments and devices to the identification and assessment of pollutants and air quality.

We deliver a quality learning experience to students by integrating our world-renowned research into our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programs.